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Victor’s mate are Leonard Millman, who possessed the fresh new CIA bank Silverado Rescuing Financing that have Neil Bush since Manager

Victor’s mate are Leonard Millman, who possessed the fresh new CIA bank Silverado Rescuing Financing that have Neil Bush since Manager

Considering “Regicide: The fresh new Offical Murder of John F. Kennedy” of the Gregory Douglas, you to definitely bullet regularly eliminate JFK was filled up with mercury and you can erupted to guarantee quick passing. Oswald didn’t come with particularly tech out of a bullet andv this was a trademark regarding Eu trigermen removing Oswald given that sole murderer also.

You will also have available brand new 51 witnesses which read photos regarding grassy noll that makes the latest Masonic Warren Percentage a lot of liars and you may deceivers. This new bullet injury are small in the front because the entry wounds was smaller than average exit wounds is actually higher in the rear of the head mentioned of the doctors from the Parkland Health and you can Jackie Kennedy.

-Jack Ruby take to Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby got someone Victor Lederman out-of Denver. Victor are a part of Leonard Millman in many framework business “fresh fruit.” You to team “fruit” in strengthening brand new Government Focus on the newest sixth Method in Denver from the late 1960’s and you may early 1970’s. Winner and you may Leonard the full time huge over finances cons on design regarding the newest below ground business.

-The fresh 1963 FBI/CIA document involved George H. W. Bush revealing that have Vacuum cleaner to the title loans Vermont November 30, 1963 to the Cuba immediately following JFK was killed. CIA Gibson and you will Ge orge H. W. Plant are involved in JFK’s death. George H. W. Plant known as FBI into the Dallas inside a hour just after JFK try try within the Dallas and you can advised you to Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. How did George H. W. Bush know Oswald murdered JFK as they are involved in the murder out-of JFK.

-It memorandum is on head of your FBI, J. Edgar Vacuum (33rd Education Freemason) toward U. Regarding memo, Vacuum stated that towards November 23, 1963:

a). When you’re implicated assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a student in cops child custody and you can are interogated in the their after that not familiar undercover part into the CIA, FBI, or any other political enterprises, W. T. Forsythe (FBI’s Dallas, Colorado special broker) briefed “Mr. George Plant of your own Central Cleverness Agency” about “problems” linked to this new assassination. b). Forsythe is actually accomplished within his briefing of the CIA’s George Bush of the a captain William Edwards of your Coverage Cleverness Department.

George H.W. Bush (Illuminati representative, 33rd Degree Freemasons, Skulls and you may Skeleton affiliate, Lewd Pedophile, Buy of Garter, Pilgrim Society user, Bohemian Grove associate, Committee regarding three hundred, Honorary Knight regarding Malta, Trialateral Payment ,Bilderberger Category)

Remaining to Proper: Louis Bloomfield, Bernard Bloomfield (brother), David Ben-Gurion. It photo was consumed in Israel on may next, 1949 if Bloomfield brothers satisfied Israeli Perfect Minister Ben-Gurion at the the garden party remembering Israels earliest birthday.

S. State department

Louis Mortiner Bloomfield (Order of one’s St. John away from Jerusalem, Uk Cleverness, Illu minati, Flaming Gay, certainly one of thoughts off Permindex)

Dean Rusk (Council off Overseas Relationships, President Kennedy’s Assistant from State, Advisor, National Safeguards Council, Kennedy’s Brutus so you’re able to Their Caesar)

Aristole Onassis (Oils Tycoon, One of several Illuminati Kingpins, plus one of your wealthiest People in the world within Time of the 1940’s-1970s) Next company ones in JFKs passing:

Victor’s sister was Marvin Lederman in which he has also been someone with Millman’s Industrial Lender regarding Denver and therefore folded, and is the owner of new Marriot Accommodations when you look at the Denver and also in Overland Park, Ohio

Knight out of Malta: John McCone (Manager of one’s CIA) Clay Shaw (Manager out-of Centro Mondiale Commerciale [CMC] and also the International Trade Mart Cartha DeLoach Francis D. Flangan (one of many VIPs of ITT) Alexander Haig Allen Dulles William Dulles William F. Buckley Henry Luce J. Peter Elegance [Direct of the A merican Knight out-of Malta on the 1960s] Frank Shakespeare (CBS) Lee Iacoca Francis X. Fundamental James God Angleton Clara Booth Luce (Dame)

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