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Unit3 integrating Physical Education and Music & Dance at B4-B6

Sub-strand: 1. Organization and structure of the curriculum

Organisation and structure of the music and dance syllabus: it is organised in years and for each year in three terms. Each term has strands and sub-strands.

Organisation: The curriculum is structured into four columns which cover Strands, Sub – strands, Content standards, Indicator and Exemplar. A unique annotation is used for numbering the learning indicators in the curriculum for the purpose of easy referencing.

Strands are the broad areas/sections of the Music and Dance content to be studied.

Sub-strands are the topics within each strand under which the content is organised.

Content standard refers to the pre-determined level of knowledge, skill and/or attitude that a learner attains by a set stage of education.

Indicator is a clear outcome or milestone that learners have to exhibit in each year to meet the content standard expectation. The indicators represent the minimum expected standard in a year.

Exemplar – support and guidance which clearly explains the expected outcomes of an indicator and suggests what teaching and learning activities could take to support the facilitators/teachers in the delivery of the curriculum.

Table 1:

Learning Indicator


No. Sub – strand Content standard Performing Arts
1 Planning, making and composing CS2: Demonstrate understanding of how to organize own ideas through experimenting with available media and techniques for creating/composing artworks based on the history, culture environment and topical local/ local/ global issues of other communities. B2 Performing Arts



Experiment with available performing arts media and techniques to create artworks based


on own views, knowledge and understanding of performing artworks that reflect the history and culture of the people of Ghana.

Music and dance


ASSIGNMENT : Unit3 Assignment MARKS : 10  DURATION : 24 hours

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