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I love art in Japanese geek culture

I love art in Japanese geek culture

Better late than never! I’m a science/tech museum educator for a high school audience, and I’m very early in my development as such. Very excited to continue my exploration of Connected Learning and to further refine my practice.

My name is Keisuke Kirita, or Kei for short.I am a doctoral student studying Art Education at Sophia University in Japan. My theme is the creativity in art education for the primary education. I recently research that The problem-solving style which students emerge in artistic play activities(zoukei-asobi, in Japanese)is nearly like the bricoluer style Papert said.

I have lived in Saitama, Japan since I was born, moreover, never been to any other countries! But I want to talk with, or discuss, the member in this LCL2, then I entry.

I checked your website and I love it!

Hi,I’m Jim in Albany CA, next to Berkeley. I’m currently a learning technology consultant helping startups and others build better learning environments. The topic of this class is close to my heart, professional interests, and personal life with two preschool kids of my own. Thinking about the first week’s topic brings me back to ideas I’ve lived with since graduate school when I took a class with Seymour Papert. I’m looking forward to revisiting them in new ways, further up a spiral I hope…

Hello!My name is Adrian, I live in Austria and I am interested in different practicable ways how information can be transformed into knowledge, what do others think about different forms of education in the 21st century and how to acquire new skills and capabilities aimed at increasing the peoples social relations and their sense of responsibilities. I enjoyed the LCL-Couse last year very much – thank you for that – even when I was mostly only viewing the videos and reading the scripts. Sorry for that, but always busy . and sometimes maybe a little bit lazy.

I’m also a dog lover (I have 4 cute yorkies) and my “gear” in this world is to help to improve the Education in my country

Hi, I’m a teacher from Brazil who has a huge interest in how to develop a creative learning. The way I usually contribute is teaching as the best as I can and help other teachers to understand this digital culture in my website I hope get more virtual friends here, because it’s the best part of the internet: making friends around the world.See you =)

Hi, Stella! =DThanks for the click It’s directed to adults, actually to teachers, but we have a lot of kids who access us LOL Maybe because we use the internet language and a kind of humor in some products of the site. I was looking at your profile, you’re brazilian too \0/ It’s a pleasure to meet you. I”m from Brasilia. And you? Do you also have a site?

Hola, I’m Gerardo Sanchez from Merida, Venezuela. Engineer in electronic, worker of “Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia”, the National Observatory and Astronomy Research Center in in Venezuela. My principal work is designing new astronomic instrumental, mostly in CCDs cameras and control. Freelance photographer I work mostly making panoramic photography and also 360° interactive views. I joined here one week latter, but I will try to follow you as much as my poor English let me. I’m father of a 13 years old boy who is desperately looking for new ways to learn science and technology. Here, where we live, all kind of resource in this way are limited, not to mention the big crisis we actually have as a country, so we will try to get as much information as we can from here.

May 26, 2022

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