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For each and every alternatives can lead to an alternative epilogue objective, giving you a sense of the results of one’s methods

For each and every alternatives can lead to an alternative epilogue objective, giving you a sense of the results of one’s methods

Finishing Panam’s questline can get gotten your in an excellent for the Aldecaldos, allowing you to call in a favor and have now duplicate regarding this new Nomads to combat the right path with the Arasaka Tower. It is possible to invest a number of go out towards the Aldecaldos about one across several missions, with many more story beats if you find yourself plus in the an enchanting relationship with Panam.

Throughout several missions, possible fundamentally fight towards Arasaka and find your path for the Mikoshi, by using Alt Cunningham. If you get to help you Mikoshi, you should have other possibilities you to definitely determines the newest stop: Venture into Online that have Alt and allow Johnny for taking more the body, otherwise come back to the body and deal with an uncertain destiny. If you undertake to own V to go back to his body, you’ll receive new Every Over the Watchtower epilogue, that’ll greatly ability the fresh Aldecaldos. If Johnny requires one’s body, you will see new Beginning Is out epilogue.

Rogue’s Raid

Johnny have a strategy away from his very own: You are taking Misty’s tablets, provide Johnny control of you, and you will let your raid Arasaka Tower just like he performed fifty years earlier. Johnny’s package would be to get in touch with Rogue and you may great time directly into the fresh new tower. You can easily form teams which have various other mercenary, Weyland, that will accompany you into the tower. Once you come, Weyland will get themselves with the dilemmas, and if or not you are going after him tend to apply to just how the brand new goal takes on out.

Sooner, you’ll receive to Mikoshi, so when on Panam ending, you are able to face an option: posting Johnny on the Online and you can come back V in order to his looks, or enable it to be Johnny when planning on taking one’s body when you find yourself V thoughts so you can The web. When the Johnny takes the body, you will see the brand new Beginning Is out epilogue, same as for the Panam road. When the V efficiency so you can his human body, he will end up being per night City legend on Road out-of Fame epilogue.

Path out of Least Resistance

You will find you to conclude you to allows you to forget all finale missions, if you like, and you can decide to stop V’s trip in place of endanger anyone else. When you see brand new rooftop out of Misty’s strengthening and make the decision, choose one of your around three options–but choose the solution, “You will just place all of this so you’re able to others.”

Because you might have guessed, thereon highway, V find never to struggle his destiny, opting rather to get rid of things rather than ever attempting on Arasaka Tower and you will deleting the biochip. Instead, he comes to an end his lives together with handgun, getting you right to the finish credit and you will several messages out-of emails you interacted which have. They’ve all heard how it happened so you’re able to V as well as have their individuals feedback about what taken place, with many while making specific decent factors about how your choice has had outcomes past what you may have experienced.

The key Finish

There’s an added stop you could unlock, called You should never Fear The latest Reaper, however it is hard to discover and you can harder to do. That it stop needs one has actually a well positive experience of Johnny and provide your a chance to assault Arasaka Tower instead risking this new lifetime out of someone else–putting your in the a life threatening drawback. As Johnny notes, it’s generally a committing suicide focus on, and it is one particular hardcore endgame method readily available.

Locate entry to this finish, you must make certain conversation solutions during the a key second when you look at the Chippin’ When you look at the side goal. We now have the full info below.

Unlocking The secret Conclude

  • Undertake the latest Johnny-concentrated top purpose Chippin’ When you look at the.
May 27, 2022

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